<transcy>Famous water education winter cabbage set</transcy>
<transcy>Famous water education winter cabbage set</transcy>
<transcy>Famous water education winter cabbage set</transcy>
<transcy>Famous water education winter cabbage set</transcy>
<transcy>Famous water education winter cabbage set</transcy>
<transcy>Famous water education winter cabbage set</transcy>

Famous water education winter cabbage set

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This article is supervised by Mr. Manshu, a farmer.

I asked Mr. Manshu about various cabbage tips.

It's packed with great deals, so if you have time, read it all.

About eating winter cabbage

Basically, it ’s always delicious winter cabbage,

When it gets colder, the sweetness becomes stronger and it becomes more delicious.

Especially winter cabbage is thick, so it goes well with the pot.

It is said that the best season for winter cabbage is from January to March.

Spring cabbage is in season from March to May.

How to distinguish the taste and freshness of cabbage

When I suddenly saw the cabbage, the leaves

The crispy and fresh food is delicious.

The core on the back of the cabbage is not brown and yellow

A solid whiteness is fresh evidence.

If you go to a supermarket, please pay attention to the back side of the cabbage.

It's also a good idea to choose a cabbage that is firm when you touch it.

Information on the freshness of cabbage

Shipping time / harvesting time / from harvesting to shipping

Basically, the ones picked in the morning on the day of shipment

It will be shipped the same day.

If shipping is difficult, we will inform you of the detailed shipping date and time by email.

Basically, we will deliver freshly picked winter cabbage.

Information on the taste of winter cabbage

Illness by using clean water

Improve the taste while reducing the occurrence.

Thorough fertilizer management to grow the vegetables themselves

By raising it to the maximum

It will reduce unnecessary stress during cultivation.

As a result, there is little harshness

You can grow vegetables.

Proper storage of cabbage

Moistened the core of the cabbage

Apply kitchen paper etc.

In the form of piercing the core

The shelf life is extended even if it is moistened.

Put the moistened cabbage on newspaper

Put it in a plastic bag and store it in a refrigerator.

As a point, except for food

It is better not to remove the outer leaves

The state of preservation of the edible part inside

Can be kept good.

Origin information

Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Altitude in a relatively cool climate

It is an intermediate production area from 500m to 1000m.

It has a stable climate and is famous as a summer resort.

In addition, the water is clean and clear even when viewed nationwide.

A word from the interview team

there Wanzhou's freshly picked cabbage

He let me eat it raw.

I feel a little bit of harshness, but it's sweet

I feel that the expression is more correct

It was delicious.

It ’s so fresh when it ’s picked.

Is it delicious! To feel

I was impressed with the result.

Watch the video of Mr. Wanzhou's commitment

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